Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dec 09: Engineering and Medical Education in US and India

This week I am inviting two guest to the radio show Dr. Vinod Lohani, Associate Professor, Deptt. of Engineering Education at Virginia Tech, and Dr. Raj Chaubey, a Cardiologist. We will be dicussing about comparison of engineering and medical educations in US and India.

Plus I will be playing latest and greatest songs from bollywood. Please don't forget to call in at 540-231-WUVT to request your favorite songs.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Dec 2: India, a new center of AIDS patients

Dec 1 is world AIDS day and this day reminds us of the dreadful disease human race is facing today. India is becoming a new center for AIDS patient and right now it is the most affected country with this problem.

This week I will be talking about this dreadful disease and the initiatives being taken over the world to reduce its growth. I will talk about different initiatives which should be taken, and the sex education which is supposed to play an important in tackling with this dreadful disease.

Blacksburg, VA residents can get the radio channel on 90.7 FM at 1:00 pm, and others can listen to it on internet. The instructions for listening to the show on Internet is available at The show will start according to Indian Standard time (IST) at 11:30 pm.