Sunday, October 29, 2006

Nov 4: Lets be Nostalgic

This week is WUVT Radiothon week. The special theme for Indian show during radiothon week will be "Lets be Nostalgic." I will be talking about the advent of radio and television in India and play the music from olden days. Most of us have seen radio and TV as an omnipresent entity and cannot imagine days without it. Be sure to get surprised and relive the good old days this Saturday at 1:00 pm


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oct 28: India: Unequal progress

We feel proud when we talk about Indian companies acquiring big businesses abroad, however we forget that in this race to progress we are leaving the important base of our society behind, the farmers. Recently there has been an issue of several farmers committing suicide in different parts of India, laden with debts. I hope to touch this issue this time and discuss its repercussions.

I will be joined this week by Parthiban Rajshekharan, a PhD candidate in the Center for Molecular Medicine and Infectious Disease to discuss further on this issue!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

The World This Week

I was not around last week. There is a lot to talk about this week and Saturday is Diwali as well. I will be talking about things like blogging, negative blogging (like me who talks about negative of this world only), some major developments around the world. I will also be telling the mythological story behind Diwali this week.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Aradhna at Vatech

For Oct 7 (today), I was gonna talk about blogging and some latest movie releases as well.However, last night I attended a music concert by a group ARADHNA at a friends house and I changed my mind to what I will talk about for the radio show. I thought I must share the great music I heard last night with you guys as well and also bring these talented people for the show. So, ARADHNA is going to be with us today on the show and we will play some of their songs as well.

Let me briefly introduce Aradhna:
A devotional music group formed initially by two American guys (Chris and Peter). Chris lived in Nepal for first 12 years of his life and Peter was born in New Delhi. They write worship and devotional songs for Jesus in Hindi. They have performed in various countries. Amazingly, they perform in a group but Chris now lives in Canada and Peter lives in Cincinnati.
Rest we will go over in the radio show when they will be there too..stay tuned at WUVT today at 1:00 pm. You can also listen to their songs at and buy their CDs if you like them online.
They are also performing at Squires Student Center (Old Dominion Ballroom) this evening at 6:30pm. Please come and listen their lovely, live hindi music (and may be a couple of nepalese songs).
Again, feel free to request a song at 231-WUVT or come by to Squires today. Have a great weekend!