Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Once Again new time slot for the India Radio Show

Hey people,
Lemme thank you'll for tuning in last saturday and making our show a grand success. Well it looks like we had to co-operate with our carribbean friends who've been holding their show from 5:30 - 7:00 Pm on saturdays, but this semester the WUVT team had given us that time they asked us if we could swap the timings with our carribean folks and we agreed.You see we know that we'll have you awesome people listening to us for sure whateva time it may be....right????
So from this saturday on .....our very own India Radio Show will be from 4:00- 5:30 PM ...only on WUVT 90.7 FM ----the best radio in blacksburg. We would like apologize to you'll for the inconvenience but we'll make it up to you with some amazing songs in our next show.
One last thing, as you guys know we are starting our regional specials this week on..... so the city in the spotlight for this week is "DELHI"..........woh kehte hain Dilwalon ki hai calling all delhites to tune in and let blacksburg know what it means to be dilli ka dilwala/dilwali .......................catch u guys on saturday

-----Luv Munnabhai (Nikhil)

Friday, August 24, 2007

New Time slot for the India Radio Show

Guess what guys........
We got a new time slot for our very own India Radio Show.....from now on the WUVT station will rock with indian music from 5.30 PM to 7.00 Pm on saturdays.What a way to start saturday night!!!!!!!!
Thanks to Dr.Sarin who made this happen.
So bhaiilog.......tayar ho jaoooo.....ek dhamakedar radio show ke liye......
INDIA RADIO SHOW----ab tadka markeee.........

This means the folks on India can tune in at 3.00 AM in the morning..yup thats right the time difference is gonna get to us...but no worries we'll keep the recorded shows for you'll right here on this log in and have fun.

----Munnabhai (Nikhil)

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Thats right folks .........we'll be back on air soon. After a long summer its time to rock the WUVT radio station with some Indian tunes. Joining me this semester will be our new DJ 'Mathi'.......sadly Raag (Anurag) will not be joining us every saturday.

We have a whole lotta events in the pipeline for Fall 2007, starting with the regional specials where we play the most happening numbers coming outta different regions in India . While these numbers rock the house, we'll also be discussing issues pertinent to international students at Virginia Tech . That's the jist of what we are planning to bring to you.

So dont forget to tune into WUVT 90.7 Fm every saturday between 1.00 and 2.30 PM.......We plan to kick off the show from August 25th 2007.So watch out!!!!

Do call in to ask questions and request songs at 540 231 9888. The show can be heard in Blacksburg on 90.7 FM and on internet by visiting and clicking on "Listen Online." The show timings are 1-2:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time) and 10:30-12:00 pm (Indian Standard Time).

--Luv Munnabhai(Nikhil)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

April 28: A talk on "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder"

This Saturday on the Indian Radio Show, we will be talking about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. Many of us came to know about this term in the wake of recent incidents at Virginia Tech. However, it is important to realize how PTSD can affect people, in what conditions it can affect, and what are the ways to deal with PTSD.

The guest on the show will be Dr. Margaret Keeling, Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Development at Virginia Tech. Dr. Keeling will be accompanied by her Ph.D Student Jotika Jagasia. More information about Dr. Keeling is available here.

Do call in to ask questions and request songs at 540 231 9888. The show can be heard in Blacksburg on 90.7 FM and on internet by visiting and clicking on "Listen Online." The show timings are April 28 1-2:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time) and 10:30-12:00 pm (Indian Standard Time).


Saturday, April 07, 2007


On Saturday , 14th of april, 1:00 pm .....WUVT 90.7 Radio is gonna be sexier than ever. Get seduced by the Indian tunes as Anurag and Mathi play some of the seducing numbers from India.

Do tune in and make requests....let this saturday be the one to remember!!!

Only on WUVT 90.7 FM.

The show can be heard online by clicking on "Listen Online" on


Thursday, April 05, 2007

April 7: Radio Show this saturday

Edit: The recording of the show is available here.

This Saturday the fun duo of Raag (Anurag) and Munnabhai (Nikhil) come again with some fun filled songs and some latest gossip from Bollywood.We will also be covering the protest that some of our friends are holding at Tech against the cruelty to animals.

We will play some regional songs as well.

Do tune in to catch the action live!!!! only on 90.7 WUVT

Do call in at 540 231 9888 to ask questions from our guest and request song.


Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mar 31: Intro to Deptt. of Corrections and Circuit Court

This week the guests on the show are Brad Finch, Commonwealth Attorney, of Montgomery County. Commonwealth attorney is the chief law enforcement officer for a county. To read more about a Commonwealth Attorney and Brad Finch, click here.
Another guest on the show will be Mr. Anil Goswami from the Circuit Court.

Do tune in to the show to listen about the common crimes and felonies the Department of Corrections deal with. What are the different types of cases they get, and what should you expect if you or your friends get stuck with it. What are your rights? What are the common crimes people get into? What are the common crimes, people don't care about until they are caught?

Do call in at 540 231 9888 to ask questions from our guest and request song. The Radio Jockey this week is Nikhil Nair.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mar 24: AIDS Epidemic in India...

EDIT : The recording of the entire show is available here

On Mar 24, I will have a guest Dr। Vineeta Gupta, who is the founder and director of the
Stop HIV/AIDS in India Initiative.

We will be talking about several issues which still act as hindrance towards disseminating knowledge about HIV/AIDS epidemic, sex education and several cultural issues in India. Dr. Vineeta Gupta will be talking about the progress made so far, and what needs to be done in future to prevent this epidemic.

Nikhil will be ready with the list of all his dhinchak songs. Do tune in on Saturday 1:00 pm, 90.7 FM. To listen on internet, visit WUVT home page and click on "Listen Online." Do call at 540 - 231 - 9888 to ask questions from our estemeed guest and to request songs.


Friday, March 16, 2007

Mar 17: Environment, what are we doing at personal level?

The theme of Indian radio show this Saturday will be "Environment, what are we doing at personal level?"

I attended Dean's Forum on Environment on Feb 26 at Virginia Tech and recorded a couple of small interviews there. I will also have a special guest from the organization "Make The Switch" Ms. Susan Drinkard. Make the switch organization is on a very special mission to change all incandescent lamps in Blacksburg to power saving CFLs.

Nikhil Nair will be back with his list of all "Dhinchak" songs for you. Do call in at 1-540-231-9888 to talk to our guest and request songs.


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mar 3: Munna Bhai hijacks Indian Radio Show at Virginia Tech

This weekend the Indian Hour will be hijacked by "Munna Bhai."

Don't be scared, actually we have a new RJ for the Indian Radio show at Virginia Tech. His name is Nikhil Nair. He played the character of "Munna Bhai" in 2006 Diwali Show.

Do listen to the show and call 1-540-231-9888 for requests.

Keep listening

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Details of Interview with Vice President of BPD

I am posting the audio clips of the interview I had with Vice President of Bharat Punarnirman Dal (BPD), Mr. Ravi Kishore.
For the complete radio show

Hear Download

Starting with introducing Ravi...

"Ravi Kishore, a 26yr old, is a B.Tech (Aerospace Engg) graduate from IIT-Bombay. He's currently the National Vice-President & acting Spokesperson of Bharat Punarnirman Dal. Born and brought up in Hyderabad into a lower-middle class family, Ravi Kishore presently focuses primarily on the education sector at all levels. He works in coordination with NGOs across Andhra Pradesh conducting various rural education programs in remote villages. He counseled nearly 15000 students & parents across places like Manthani, Godavarikhani, Karimnagar, Warangal, Hanamkonda, Nalgonda, Miryalaguda, Tirupati & Hyderabad creating awareness about the importance of education, various career aspects, scholarships & schemes from the govt. for rural education etc. On the professional front, he is the Director of Yukti Educational Services Pvt. Ltd, an IIT-JEE coaching institute. Chess, cricket, aviation, music, movies, cartoons & comics - especially Calvin & Hobbes constitute the lighter side of his personality."

The first question I asked Ravi was about the name of the political party "Bharat Punarnirman Dal." And how do they see it.

Hear Download

I though that was a long and good explanation and it was a bold statement which said that the country has not evolved strategically from the beginning.

Following this I wanted to know how BPD is actually different from other political parties out there.

Hear Download

I really appreciate the points mentioned by Ravi regarding the fresh mind, new ideas, and accessibility to political system.

I further asked Ravi about their vision for India as a whole, which includes every individual from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Nagaland to Gujarat. He tried to present his vision according to what's happening around in India.

Hear Download

While talking about his Vision, Ravi brought up this energy issue. Energy is definitely going to be the driving force of political turmoil in near future. As an example, now even the suburbs of Mumbai are witnessing severe power cuts. During our talks, the issue of nuclear energy also came up, and we talked about the recent pact between India and US regarding that.

Hear Download

Harsha Rajasimha from Blacksburg, VA wanted to know how the party structure of BPD is organized? While asking about the party structure, I also asked Ravi about their website? I did talk to him about the strength of party.

Hear Download

Harsha asked how are the current recruiting process focused?

Hear Download

A question came up with a tag of IIT related thing in the party.

Hear Download

Then we talked about
how they plan to succeed in a country where half of the people are illiterate?

Hear Download

The Ravi mentioned about the recent elections they contested and their plans for immediate future.

Hear Download

Three from Kanpur and two from Lucknow in an assembly of more than 400? I wanted more clarification on that.

Hear Download

So I wanted to know more about their screening process.
Hear Download

Plan for big political field UP? How you plan in just two remaining months?
Hear Download

I wanted some clarification on their poor coverage in media.
Hear Download

I absolutely loved Ravi's response on this question about his inspiration.
Hear Download

I asked how to vote from different place. He instead asked for more awareness
Hear Download

(The links will be updated in next few hours))

So, any message for listeners
Hear Download

These are all open source audio files posted on You can link them from wherever you want. You can also transcribe it in English or any other language.
Do post for your comments...


Friday, February 23, 2007

Feb 24: A meeting with the National Vice President of Bharat Punarniman Dal


As you know that the planned interview with the leaders of Bharat Punarnirman Dal could not take place on the radio on Feb 17 due to severe internet problems. I conducted an interview again with the National Vice President of Bharat Punarnirman Dal, Mr. Ravi Kishore on skype, but it was offline. I asked him several questions on various issues and I recorded the interview. I will play its parts on the radio show on Feb 24.

I will also post the parts of interview on this blog soon after the radio show.

Do call on the radio show at 1-540-231-9888 to request songs and discuss what I am talking about.

PS: I am recruiting a pool of RJs for the Indian Radio show at Virginia Tech. Please contact me if you are interested.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Feb 17: A meeting with the President of Bharat Punarnirman Dal

Edit on Feb 18, 2007: The show did not go so well as I planned. We had lot of internet connection issues that day. Even people could not listen to the webstream. I will try to conduct an offline interview and update about developments soon.

As I promised in my blog post on Raag's Corner, I have arranged a meeting with the President of Bharat Punarnirman Dal (BPD), Mr. Ajit Shukla and spokesperson of BPD, Mr. Ravi Kishore. As I did mention, BPD is a political organization started by students, primarily from IITs in India. They are planning to contest some elections in following years. I really welcome this novel thought and the passion of these young students to do something for their country.

In the radio show on Feb 17, I will be talking to Mr. Ajit Shukla and Mr. Ravi Kishore through skype teleconferencing and will ask him several questions, regarding the mission and vision of their party. The show that day will have less of songs and more of interview. You are also welcome to ask Mr. Ajit Shukla some questions. The number to call that day will be 1-540-231-9888. The show will be broadcast live 1:00 - 2:30pm (EST) and 11:30-1:00am (IST). The show can he heard on air in Blacksburg area on 90.7 FM, and on internet all over the world on (Click on "Listen Online"). The recording of the show will also be available on this site after the show.

If you want me to ask him some specific questions, please post them in the comments.

Keep Listening.


PS: I am recruiting a pool of RJ for the Indian show. If you are interested, please post your name and contact information to mishranurag (at) gmail (dot) com. Qualification - "Passion."

Monday, January 29, 2007

Feb 3: Asha for Education, NRV Chapter

EDIT: The recording of whole show can be heard here, and downloaded here.
I hope you liked the show last week. We did have some technical difficulties during the show. Some recordings of the show are available here.
Couple of the websites which were recommended in the show by the guests are
Some news regarding our one guest (Debashish) we had on show click here.

This week the guest on the show is Harsha Karur, a PhD student in VBI at Virginia Tech. Harsha and a group of faculty and students have started a NRV (New River Valley) Chapter for the organization "Asha for Education." The website for "Asha for Education" is He will talking more about the organization and its functioning during the show. You can email Harsha at, if you are interested in joining the organization.

You can call at 540 231 WUVT, to request songs and ask questions from my guest. The instructions for listening the show on computer is available at

Also, I am recruiting a pool of Radio Jockeys for Indian show at WUVT. Comment on this post if you are interested.

Keep Listening,

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jan 27: Blogging in Indian Languages

On January 27, I will be talking about growth of blogging in Indian languages, specifically Hindi, its progress, and future. Stay tuned for an interesting discussion plus some latest and greatest songs from Bollywood. I might have some international guests on the show and I will try to connect to them through skype. Stay tuned for details.

You can post your requests as comment to this post or call me during the show at 540 239 4436. The show timings will be 1:00 pm EST and 11:30 pm IST. The confirmed guest for this show are Debashish from Pune, Srijan from Delhi, Anup from Kanpur, Pankaj from Ahmedabad, and Pratik from Agra, India.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jan 20: Resuming Indian Show and Interview with AID representative

Indian radio show will be back this Saturday at 1:00 pm. This Saturday I will play some latest released music, will talk about Hits and Flops of 1996 and most importantly I will interview an AID (Association for India's Development) - VT Chapter representative Chaitanya Chopra. I will be asking him about the philosophy behind AID, its working style, its motivation and their current projects.

You can call me at 540 231 WUVT to request songs or ask questions.

I am also recruiting at least three DJs for the Indian Radio Show for Spring, Fall and Summer 2007 semesters. Drop a comment here if you are interested.

Keep listening