Saturday, February 03, 2007

Feb 17: A meeting with the President of Bharat Punarnirman Dal

Edit on Feb 18, 2007: The show did not go so well as I planned. We had lot of internet connection issues that day. Even people could not listen to the webstream. I will try to conduct an offline interview and update about developments soon.

As I promised in my blog post on Raag's Corner, I have arranged a meeting with the President of Bharat Punarnirman Dal (BPD), Mr. Ajit Shukla and spokesperson of BPD, Mr. Ravi Kishore. As I did mention, BPD is a political organization started by students, primarily from IITs in India. They are planning to contest some elections in following years. I really welcome this novel thought and the passion of these young students to do something for their country.

In the radio show on Feb 17, I will be talking to Mr. Ajit Shukla and Mr. Ravi Kishore through skype teleconferencing and will ask him several questions, regarding the mission and vision of their party. The show that day will have less of songs and more of interview. You are also welcome to ask Mr. Ajit Shukla some questions. The number to call that day will be 1-540-231-9888. The show will be broadcast live 1:00 - 2:30pm (EST) and 11:30-1:00am (IST). The show can he heard on air in Blacksburg area on 90.7 FM, and on internet all over the world on (Click on "Listen Online"). The recording of the show will also be available on this site after the show.

If you want me to ask him some specific questions, please post them in the comments.

Keep Listening.


PS: I am recruiting a pool of RJ for the Indian show. If you are interested, please post your name and contact information to mishranurag (at) gmail (dot) com. Qualification - "Passion."


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you and Ajit for the interview

Guneet said...

hey anurag,
this is great!!!! Looking forward to this show....guneet

Hitesh said...

This is great initiative by these people. All of us should whole heartedly support them in every aspect.

Harsha said...

Hi Anurag, I have a couple questions to Ajith shukla.
1. How is their party structured/organized? How is their party's structure different from BJP? Congress?

2. How are their current recruiting efforts focussed? How many people are there in their party?

3. The GOAL / Mission statement is the same as all other political parties... how are they really different from others?

4. How do they plan to succeed politically in a country (in the long run) where about 50% population are illiterates and don't even know what an institution IIT is?

- Harsha

Amit Sachan said...


Nice work as always... Here is a question from my side:

Que: The party is not being publicized the way they should be with elections being only couple of months away. Please ask whether the audience can help in any way to support the cause.

Good luck and we hope to listen to a great program.


b shantanu said...

Let me know how you get on with the interview (or did you finally do it offline?).

I have been trying to get in touch with them...but without mush success...

will keep you posted.

B Shantanu said...

An update on LP, BPD and BM that you will find interesting:

I look forward to your thoughts and comments

Anonymous said...

Dear all,
Greetings! I am Cdr. (Retd) BB Khilari from Bangalore, Who has contested the Assembly elections from Lok Paritran and awaiting results on 25 May 08. At the outset, I would like to inform you in right earnestness that you all are being totally ill-informed and mis-guided about Karnataka LP party by Tanmay Raj purohit and his brother Chandrashekhar through LP website. You all may be surprised to know that if at all LP party noticeably exists in the country, it is the Karnataka unit, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Mr. BT Naganna, the erstwhile State President and Mr. Shashidhar Alabur, the Treasurer, who have been sweating it out for over two and a quarter years to spread the message of LP, without any recognisable support from the so-called National Committee of LP headed by the two brothers mentioned above. I only joined about six months ago, highly impressed by the ideology and vision portrayed by the party, and contributed my bit in its growth. However, you shall all be surprised to know that none of the National Committee members have helped any of the 11 candidates in the campaigning process even on a single day. Instead they were busy contacting the candidates one by one to adjust the poll expenses of Congress candidates into their accounts as the maximum expenditure of LP candidates was around 2 to 2.5 lakhs against the CEC allowed limit of 10 lakhs. The basic aim seems to have been to convert black money of the Congress candidates into white for their own self-aggrandisement. When I got the wind of this and when Tanmay Purohit and Chandrashekhar wanted to visit me alone at my residence, I refused and asked them to arrange a formal meeting at the party Hqs. Since none of the candidates, except perhaps, one, Nalin Jain, presumably their relative, and an unfit LP candidate projected by the National team, agreed to their nefarous demands, on 10th May, they invited Mr. Naganna, for a personal discussion at about 8.45 pm. and after the discussions, where in Mr. Naganna refused to influence any of the candidates accounts or make adjustments in the State accounts, and when Mr. Naganna was about to leave by his car he was attacked by three masked men from a car immediately behind his car with sticks and base ball bats. Naganna somehow managed to chase them away and went home and informed Mr. Shashidhar and others of the party (I have a message received at about 10.21 pm stating Naganna attacked by Tanmay and gang, be careful, saved in my mobile). The conspirators then went and lodged a complaint with police that Naganna had attacked them. However, Mr. Naganna, keepiung in mind, the reputation of the party had discussion with many a party members and candidates next morning and filed a complaint of assault in the evening. In the mean time on that day Chandrashekhar and Tanmay addressed a press conference ( all pre-planned, as you have to book in advance) to state that Mr. Naganna has been dismissed and the State unit of Lp has been dissolved, by slapping totally false and baseless charges against Naganna, an act which is also utterly illegal as no prior notice had been issued nor the National council meeting had been convened to take such a decision. Surprisingly, yesterday, when the state committee was holding its meeting from 1600 hours and extended upto 2000 hours Mr. Nalin Jain, in collusion with Tanmay and Chandrashekhar, lodged a complaint in a remote police station at about 1830 hours that Mr. Naganna, Mr. Shashidhar and Mr. Anuj Mishra, a candidate, along with 10 heavily armed goondas attacked him at his office and demanded Rs. six lakhs and to withdraw the complaint lodged by Tanmay against Naganna. I, along with others went to the Police station today and have told the Inspector that this complaint was absolutely false as all the 3 members accused were in a meeting with us the previous day at the alleged time of attack. The police have also confirmed that no one visited Nalin Jain's office as alleged and are taking suitable action. I would like to inform you people that 10 candidates, including Naganna and myself, who contested the elections really sweted it out against corruption, in-efficiency and in-competency in governance and apathy of the administrative machinery towards citizens' problems with un-imaginable sincerity and dedication and that too in our pre-decided limited budgets, which was appreciated alround. The acts of the National committee of LP came as a surprising blow to all of us and has done considerable damage in the eyes of the public. We have learnt with freat pains that these conspirators and the so called founders of LP have done similar acts in Tamil Nadu, UP, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Gujrat and have not promoted the cause for LP's growth , but were mis-guiding every one , including those who are funding fro abroad. Please convey this trurth to all those who you know and expose these mis-guided youths, who are younger to my children, and help me in pursuing my fight against corruption which is the original aim of this party. My E-mail ID is and you can contact me on 09342689574. Let us all together build a good society and a good governance. Warm Regards,

B Shantanu said...

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