Friday, November 17, 2006

Nov 18: Ganga Tera Paani Amrit

Shweta Nanda Bachhan acted as citizen journalist and prepared a report on the endangered dolphins in river Ganges. This recent report sparked discussion on the Ganga action plan again which resulted in a lot of spending and very little work for the River Ganges. This week I will be talking about the report by Shweta Bachhan, state of Ganga Action Plan, and condition of supposedly most pious river "Ganga."

Also, recently my friend had a very bad experience with Indian Embassy. I would be talking about why we Indians do not like to respect each other and why do we see such indifferent behavior from Indian Embassies. With relation to this I will also talk about Indian PM Manmohan Singh's mention of "Lage Raho Munnabhai" in his speech. Stay Tuned!

You are welcome to call during the show at 540-231-WUVT, or comment on this blog for your comments, suggestions and song requests.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nov11: Binaca Geetmala

I got hold of a silver Jubilee episode of Binaca Geetmala. I will present that recording this week. This would be pretty much a continuation of my last week's theme of being Nostalgic. I will play some latest songs as well.

The other issues I will discuss are; recent climate change report by economist Sir Nicholas Stern
and recent US elections.

Don't forget to post your request if you have one. Do suggest a theme for the radio show as well.