Monday, January 29, 2007

Feb 3: Asha for Education, NRV Chapter

EDIT: The recording of whole show can be heard here, and downloaded here.
I hope you liked the show last week. We did have some technical difficulties during the show. Some recordings of the show are available here.
Couple of the websites which were recommended in the show by the guests are
Some news regarding our one guest (Debashish) we had on show click here.

This week the guest on the show is Harsha Karur, a PhD student in VBI at Virginia Tech. Harsha and a group of faculty and students have started a NRV (New River Valley) Chapter for the organization "Asha for Education." The website for "Asha for Education" is He will talking more about the organization and its functioning during the show. You can email Harsha at, if you are interested in joining the organization.

You can call at 540 231 WUVT, to request songs and ask questions from my guest. The instructions for listening the show on computer is available at

Also, I am recruiting a pool of Radio Jockeys for Indian show at WUVT. Comment on this post if you are interested.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jan 27: Blogging in Indian Languages

On January 27, I will be talking about growth of blogging in Indian languages, specifically Hindi, its progress, and future. Stay tuned for an interesting discussion plus some latest and greatest songs from Bollywood. I might have some international guests on the show and I will try to connect to them through skype. Stay tuned for details.

You can post your requests as comment to this post or call me during the show at 540 239 4436. The show timings will be 1:00 pm EST and 11:30 pm IST. The confirmed guest for this show are Debashish from Pune, Srijan from Delhi, Anup from Kanpur, Pankaj from Ahmedabad, and Pratik from Agra, India.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jan 20: Resuming Indian Show and Interview with AID representative

Indian radio show will be back this Saturday at 1:00 pm. This Saturday I will play some latest released music, will talk about Hits and Flops of 1996 and most importantly I will interview an AID (Association for India's Development) - VT Chapter representative Chaitanya Chopra. I will be asking him about the philosophy behind AID, its working style, its motivation and their current projects.

You can call me at 540 231 WUVT to request songs or ask questions.

I am also recruiting at least three DJs for the Indian Radio Show for Spring, Fall and Summer 2007 semesters. Drop a comment here if you are interested.

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