Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mar 24: AIDS Epidemic in India...

EDIT : The recording of the entire show is available here

On Mar 24, I will have a guest Dr। Vineeta Gupta, who is the founder and director of the
Stop HIV/AIDS in India Initiative.

We will be talking about several issues which still act as hindrance towards disseminating knowledge about HIV/AIDS epidemic, sex education and several cultural issues in India. Dr. Vineeta Gupta will be talking about the progress made so far, and what needs to be done in future to prevent this epidemic.

Nikhil will be ready with the list of all his dhinchak songs. Do tune in on Saturday 1:00 pm, 90.7 FM. To listen on internet, visit WUVT home page and click on "Listen Online." Do call at 540 - 231 - 9888 to ask questions from our estemeed guest and to request songs.